Emma in Morocco

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Emma touched base with us from Morocco – you can get more insights from her travels on her blog: http://foodstreetarchitecture.weebly.com/blog

I have moved on from India and now am travelling through Morocco. Firstly I arrived into Casablanca and have spent the rest of the week in Marakech. Next I’m going to briefly explore the landscape of the Atlas Mountains and the desert. Then move up north towards the cities of Fes, Chefchaouen and Tangier.

India was great fun and informative. It is a beautiful thriving country and has a range of atmospheres. The density and adaptability of the people demonstrated some fascinating and simple strategies which engage with the public. There was a unique sense of charm when buildings expressed their functions in an adhoc nature. A particularly revealing aspect when exploring the food realm.

And as a major food advocate I must admit the food was excellent. I loved trying all the variations of the traditional specialities. A very different diet from our own but mainly unprocessed and homemade. After Morocco I shall go to Spain.

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