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Exerpt from a recent email to Bob Donaldson: ..I’ve just returned to Curitiba after spending a couple of weeks in Campinas, the city I did exchange to in 2008. This was a really interesting and not to mention fun fortnight catching up with friends and host families I hadn’t seen in 4 years. I really loved seeing my host city again after 4 years and I’ve noticed a few subtle changes that have really changed the city!! Interestingly enough one major problem the city is facing is car congestion!
Curitiba is in the depths of winter at the moment with most days being around 6-14 degrees and quite windy! Although the locals surprisingly enough are pretty acclimatized so it doesn’t stop the city from being full of people all day!
My journal is full to the brim of writing and ideas and coupons and drawings, so I’ve got a lot to show everyone when I get back. I’m quietly proud of My journal because it really shows exactly what I’ve been doing all the good and bad days, the boring bits, people I have met and places I have seen. It’s something that I enjoy flipping back through and remembering how all the different places and things have affected me from start to finish.
I’ve made quite a few good connections in Curitiba and its really helped to open doors and show me things I wouldn’t have noticed or been able to see. I’m still hoping to meet with Jaime Lerner for more than a couple of seconds like I have previously but to be honest I’m not going to be surprised if I don’t get to because as I’ve been watching on Facebook he travels around the world as governor of the state! But i will hopefully get the chance to get inside his architecture office which will be great!!!
Im working on a bit of a video presentation for the dinner hopefully I can give everyone a bit of an idea of what I’ve been doing over here.

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