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Natalie Scott, 2011 Parker Fellow writes: 7 March 2012- I fly to South America in a little over a week which is quite exciting! I’ve had about 5 different vaccinations over the past month so I’m well prepared!

I plan on taking my time getting to Curitiba. I will be flying into Buenos Aires and exploring it for a week.

I will then be hopping up to Uruguay and spending a week in Montevideo.

From here I’ll be flying up to Brasilia and hope to see just about every monolithic monument that is on offer!

I am planning on staying at Brasilia Palace Hotel which was designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

From Brasilia I’ll be flying down to Curitiba and have planned to stay at an Eco hostel just outside the city which im very much looking forward to.

I have made plans to meet with bicycle groups and local government members, some architects and a Rotary club (Rotary usually has the powerful people in the know in Brazil).

I am still trying to arrange a meeting with Jaime Lerner the past mayor of Curitiba.

Im also getting up to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for a couple of weeks to experience the big raging cities!

I have started a blog for my travels which I hope the Foundation, friends and fanily will all have a look at at some point.

It is a tumblr blog which people can find at

I do also have the Instagram App and a few other nifty things that will help me capture moments.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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