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Hello Bob and everyone else in TAF.

Firstly I hope winter has come early there and I hope I miss all the cold weather!
Well, I’m not sure if you have been reading my blog but I am having a really great time. I’ve been travelling now for about 6 weeks and I feel like my whole perspective has changed as cheesy as that sounds!
I’ve been to Brazil before but I never saw it through the eyes of someone who had any knowledge of Architecture.
The cities I’ve visited in South America have taught me more about what it is to be a city then Newcastle or Sydney ever could have. I’m not sure whether it is South America or whether it is the strong European influence but these cities (most of them) just breathe life and chaos and excitement. Sydney feels like a stifling concrete jungle compared to the wide avenues of Buenos Aires and the parks here! So many squares and parks its really so nice to see.

I’m not really sure whether I am doing the right thing. I’m writing a lot. I have a diary that is already half full. And taking photos and filming things. I’ve been drawing although not enough! But sometimes the things I learn are hard to capture in a picture or a note. Sometimes they arent that tangible and sometimes its just a feeling. a little AHA! moment every now and then.

I’ve briefly met Jaime Lerner and I’m desperately hoping to get into his office and meet him. I have been collecting a lot of information and texts about Curitiba and the Urban Design things they are doing here. It is getting cold here but its still manageable. The Brazilians I have met around the place are probably some of the most friendly and easy going people I’ve ever met. They are so patient and willing to chat and help you find where u need to go. I also get the feeling that people that live in Curitiba usually dont leave it. Brazilians travel around the country wuite a bit for work and love but I dont think I’ve met anyone who has said ‘oh yes i lived there once it was ok’. Most of them end up returning years later.

I’m halfway through my first semester of my Masters degree but I’m only doing the research course by distance. Which is actually great at keeping me focused and thinking about architecture. I’m focusing my interests on Urban Design and cycling so I’m trying to dig up as much info on that as I can right now. Curitiba has some pretty well funded cycling initiatives underway at the moment.

Anyway, i think thats about enough from me for now. I hope that I have been a good representative for the TAF. I think I have been a good representative for myself and as an Australian.

I hope everyone is well on that side of the world. I wish I could go to the promotion of the Fellowship at uni to tell them all try! Its amazing to think that this time a year ago I was in their position!

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