Graphisoft Award


The Graphisoft Australia Award is sponsored by Graphisoft Australia and awards a student with a perpetual licence to ArchiCAD STAR(T). The award valued at $5,000 provides the latest 2014 version which has the technology embedded in ArchiCAD 17 and  enables the recipient to legally start their architectural business. Introduced in 2014 this award mirrors the values of The Parker Fellowship awards and conversely supports and develops students computer aided drafting skills. More information regarding the ArchiCAD STAR(T) edition can be found on the ArchiCAD website.

Benefits of receiving the Graphisoft Australia Award:

  • Awarded a perpetual licence for ArchiCAD STAR(T)
  • Legally start an architectural business with this software
  • Development of computer aided drafting skills and digital communication
  • Enhanced resume and portfolio
  • Professional skills development

Responsibilities of the scholar:

  • Allow content produced with the software to be used by Graphisoft for marketing
  • Join and become an active member in The Architecture Foundation
  • Complete your professional degree programme at Newcastle

Application process:

Applications must be submitted to the reception office at the School of Architecture and Built Environment at the University of Newcastle.

  • Applicants are required to provide a digital presentation (max 90 seconds)
  • Outline reasons and benefits of being awarded the scholarship
  • All applicants will be interviewed by a panel of up to six people

Download the application form below:

Both the Parker Fellowship and the Graphisoft Australia Award can be applied for concurrently.

APPLICATIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED. Like our Facebook page to keep updated for next years scholarship launch

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