Parker Fellowship

Parker Fellowship

The Parker Fellowship scholarship is an annual award of $10,000 to a student of architecture to undertake a personally significant programme of international travel and experience of global architecture. The scholarship is awarded not on academic merit, but to the student who shows the greatest potential to benefit from a programme of travel and personal encounter with the great places of the world. A unique opportunity to engage with and be influenced by the world’s most significant architecture.

Benefits of receiving the Parker Fellowship:

  • Sketching to understand and interpret by keeping a sketchbook
  • Access to an alumni network for pick-up, accommodation and site visits in some countries
  • Personal and professional development and experience
  • Enhanced resume and portfolio
  • Exposure to the world’s architecture as a basis for on-going education
  • Contribution to the School of Architecture’s educational programme

Responsibilities of the scholar:

  • Undertake a substantial and significant programme of travel (you can not travel in your own country)
  • Maintain a sketchbook of encounters and travels
  • Present at the annual foundation dinner
  • Submit a detailed report upon return
  • Join and become an active member in The Architecture Foundation
  • Complete your professional degree programme at Newcastle


  • Must be enrolled in Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3 of the Bachelor of Design (Architecture) program or Year 1 of the Master of Architecture program in the Discipline of Architecture in the School of Architecture and Built Environment
  • Be enrolled full-time
  • Not have previously received this scholarship

Application process:

Applications must be made online through Prizes and Scholarships at the University of Newcastle.

Stage 1:

  • Submit a completed application form and associated documentation
  • Outline your proposed programme of travel
  • Outline reasons to be awarded the scholarship, the benefits to you personally, to your colleagues and the School.

Stage 2:

  • All applicants will be interviewed with a panel of up to six people in Stage 2
  • Applicants are required to describe their proposed program in further detail

Stage 3:

  • Five applicants will be short-listed from Stage 2
  • Applicants are required to present to the panel a revised and detailed travel plan and itinerary, a detailed travel budget and present their current sketchbook.

Scholars are formally announced at the annual Architecture Foundation Dinner in September, where the previous scholar presents their travel experiences.

APPLICATIONS FOR 2016 CLOSE MONDAY 1 AUGUST. Like our Facebook page to keep updated for next years scholarship launch


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