Cherry Williamson

01 - Bagsvaerd Church - Jorn Utzon - Denmark

The world of Architecture as we know it today is under constant change due to the effects of globalisation. Many Architects are choosing to adopt foreign design strategies and integrate latest technologies in search for contemporary yet often universal architectural solutions. Others however, like our very own Glenn Murcutt are leading the architectural scene in the modern movement known as ‘critical regionalism’; aiming to provide an architecture of ‘place’ and ‘sensuality’, through integration of both modern technology and traditional design principles.

‘Critical Regionalism’ is close to my heart; having grown up in a remote bush area and living in a hand crafted mud brick and timber dwelling. With such childhood experiences and architectural knowledge behind her, the notion that the modern world of architecture is progressing so that it overlooked intrinsic answers to design was somewhat disturbing.

In 2005, upon receiving the Eric Parker Travelling Scholarship, I embarked on a 3 month study tour throughout Scandinavia to examine the ways in which regional architects respond to their natural surroundings through the craft of architecture. Throughout my travels through Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland I visited the works of renowned architects such as Sverre Fehn, Alvar Aalto, Juhani Pallasmaa, Erik Gunnar Aslpund and Jorn Utzon.

21 - Alvar Aalto's House - Helsinki - Finand 20 - Seinajoki Church - Interior - Alvar Aalto - Finland 18 - Seinajoki Town Hall - Alvar Aalto - Finland 15 - Millesgården - Art Gallery - Stockholm - Sweden 14 - Nordic Watercolour Museum - Skrahamm - Sweden 12 - Hedmark Cathedral Archibishopric Museum - Hamar - Svere Fehn - Norway 09 - Glacier Museum - Svere Fehn - Fjaerland - Norway 07 - Nordjyllands Museum - Alvar Aalto - Aalborg - Denmark 05 - National Bank - Arne Jacobsen - Copenhagen - Denmark 04 - Black Diamond - Royal Library - Copenhagen - Denmark 01 - Bagsvaerd Church - Jorn Utzon - Denmark 22 - Kiasma Contemporary Art Gallery - Steven Holl - Helsinki - Finland

Self Photo B+WFollowing graduation from the University of Newcastle in 2007, Cherry moved to Sydney where she worked with FJMT, one of Sydney’s most prolific, multi-award winning firms. After studying architecture in the post-industrial city of Newcastle and spending 2 months living in Papua New Guinea as part of a community development program.

In 2012, Cherry was awarded an Australian Government Endeavour Executive Award, which allowed her to team up with Brooklyn-based experimental urban design and architecture firm, ‘Interboro Partners’ as part of a 3-month professional development program.

Back home in Newcastle, Cherry is currently working for CKDS Architecture and is co-founder and joint-chair of the Emerging Architects and Graduates Network, EmAGN Newcastle. In 2014, Cherry was awarded a place on the Dulux Study Tour, a coverted title awarded to five of the country’s most promising architectural professionals. The tour is a 10 day international tour visiting leading global architecture and design firms in Chicago and New York. Follow the Dulux Study Tour blog.


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