The Parker Fellowship and Colin Madigan Commendation are awarded each year to two students. Applicants are required to submit their research proposal and travel itinerary to the Architecture Foundation committee. The committee will assess the applications and select the most creative ideas, with the highest potential outcome as the recipient of the Parker Fellowship. The Colin Madigan Commendation is awarded to the second placed applicant.

The Parker Fellowship

The Parker Fellowship, previously known as the Eric Parker Travelling Scholarship, is a travelling scholarship awarded annually to a student of architecture at the University of Newcastle. The Parker Fellowship provides funds for students to travel to destinations of their choosing and undertake study in the field that they wish to explore. Application is open to all students studying architecture at the University of Newcastle. All application submissions are reviewed by a panel of the Architecture Foundation trustees and committee members and shortlisted students are offered interviews. A student is selected each year based on the potential of the proposed itinerary and targeted outcome. Recipients of the Parker Fellowship are required to present a graphical record of their travel and the acquired experience to the Architecture Foundation after the completion of their travel.

Colin Madigan Commendation

The Colin Madigan Commendation is an art class prize sponsored by Julian Ashton Art School. The Julian Ashton Art School, also known as the Sydney Art School, is highly regarded in the art world and great Australian artists including William Dobell, Max Dupain, John Olsen and Brett Whiteley were graduates of the School. The scholarship encourages students to develop their own unique graphical communication style free from the straight lines of conventional drafting. At completion of the scholarship, recipients of the Colin Madigan Commendation are required to submit digital version of the works produced at Julian Ashton art School.

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