Matthew Kelly

My scholar tour was to investigate the impact of urbanisation on the myriad of ways people live, breath and are housed in cities without limits.

I travelled to the swelling metropolis of Shenzhen China, the kaleidoscoping and chaotic slums of Mumbai, the majestic and vibrant Istanbul, the historic but deceptive Lyon and swanky London in order to investigate, observe and partake in the myriad of ways that humanity exits within an environment plied by man.  I extracted all that was weird and wonderful, while learning of failures and faults in an attempt to fuel and empower a proposal for a greater habitation of the urban environment.

It was a voyage of sensory overload, of limitless possibilities & extraordinary lessons, that ultimately paved the way for the path I’m currently on. These experiences have been recorded on my blog

My investigative journey in 2013 was an agglomeration of disillusionment and inspiration, to name a mere two of the innumerable emotions experienced. The return to Australia was a challenging time as I fought to maintain the vision, passion and energy created during the journey, attempting to apply it to a reality that hadn’t undertaken the profound transformation I had.


Matt believes he will be forever be connected to the creation of the built environment,  my journey enabling me to realise a clear direction in this field, that being the transformation, shaping and enhancing of human space through planning. This clarity has resulted in the commencement of a Master of Planning at the University of New South Wales part time, whilst delving into the real estate world.

The opportunity provided by the Architecture Foundation has enabled Matt’s true calling to be unveiled, the realisation that nothing is impossible and the affirmation that design is an essential component of our reality.


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