Monique Cowan

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I received the Colin Madigan Commendation which included a term of study at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney. The school teaches in the classical style, with classes including basic drawing and painting, watercolour, oil painting and sculpture. Through the scholarship the scholar is able to attend any classes of their choosing. 

In my final weeks of this scholarship I was amazed at the extent of skills I have acquired. The training is very technical in learning to draw and paint, which forces your mind to be used against prior knowledge. The school is also very welcoming and non competitive, allowing creativity to flow. 

The tuition has been a real adventure, not only of my creative pursuits, but also exploring Sydney on my own for 10 weeks, I was able to discover a lot about myself. I had never tried to paint with oils before, being intimated by it’s mastery, but now I am addicted.
This school is a haven of culture, history and interesting people, that feels separated from the fast paced futuristic ideals of the surrounding city. As you enter the tiny rooms bursting with artworks of models, you can sense the souls of past artists observing you. It is an Alladin’s cave of the masters of Australian Art.


Monique is currently completing the remainder of her year out at dwp|suters Newcastle office. Monique is investigating her options into further education in architecture for the coming years.


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