Emma reaches Spain

Emma has touched base with us from Spain – you can get more insights from her travels on her blog: http://foodstreetarchitecture.weebly.com/blog
Earlier this week I reached Europe, Spain. I took the ferry straight from Tangier in North Morocco and its amazing how atmospheres can change in such a short crossing. Let alone the big leap from India. 
Morocco was a mix between cosmopolitan and rural living in one. The discrepancies of wealth in the population was evident and as a result influenced the standard of living and resources available. 
There are some amazing landscapes of mountains, plants, sand and sea. It was incredible to see how many cities thrive in mainly desert conditions. The range in temperatures which a city fluctuates daily and seasonally is vast, despite this during the short time I was present, there was certainly no lack of life. 
The fresh produce was amazing and very different to what we have in Australia. Olives, dates, figs, tomatoes, strawberries, oranges, grapes, herbs, chickens and goats. These ingredients majorly influence their cuisine and food culture. 
Meals are based around a basis of tea, bread and oil which make the possibility of producing a meal anywhere very do-able. Stores range from a single product, to a complete restaurant, to a collection of small stores which share the customers. 
Now being in Spain the style of meals and the array of food places is obviously very different. Enjoying it all immensely, feeling truly lucky to be here. As one changes countries it is clear there are pros and cons of all places. The ease of European lifestyle is a luxurious feeling but its time to keep a closer eye on the poor euro exchange rate. 

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