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In applying for the Parker Fellowship, I was most enthusiastic to challenge my perceptions of the potential and limits of architecture and also develop my creative mind and skills. The scholarship was an amazing opportunity to focus on an investigation into a sculptural and intriguing form of architecture.

Personally, the architecture of Frank Gehry is very exciting, intriguing and sensual. Gehry’s bold designs and composition were the details that captured my attention when pursuing for precedents throughout university. Although my designs have not yet explored such intuitive sculptural forms – I was always curious of the design process that produced such an unprecedented form of architecture.

I travelled across America over six weeks visiting San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Minneaplois and New York. I met some very generous architects and visited the majority of Gehry’s body of work in America, while also taking the opportunity to visit other important works of architecture.

Gehry’s sketches have an amazing freehand sense of discovering form as drawings are a way of thinking aloud. By visiting, sketching and critically analysing Gehrys architecture, I intended to investigate and understand the design process that begins with Gehrys sketches. I was curious to understand how Gehrys design process allowed him to take the energy of an idea through a process and end with a building with genuine feeling and passion.

The Parker Fellowship Commendation – 10th year anniversary

In 2010, the largest number of applications were received since the inception of the Parker Fellowship in 2000. The standard of the applicants was exceptionally high and gave rise to the potential to make a second award, the Parker Fellowship Commendation. The Commendation also celebrated the selection of ten travelling scholars over the last ten years. In that decade, the award has grown from small beginnings to be the most valuable scholarship available to students of architecture in Australia.


092 copySacha completed a Master of Architecture in 2013 with Honours Class 1 and the University Medal from the University of Newcastle. She is currently working in Newcaslte at dwp|suters and building a home at Clarence Town.


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